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How to Streamline Interviews - Spark Hire

How to Streamline Interviews - Spark HireThe point of an interview and the hiring process is to get to know the candidate and see how well they would work within the company. While it is very important to make sure the impression is right, there is no need to go overboard with the amount of time spent interviewing during the hiring process. There are several ways to streamline the hiring process to keep from wasting valuable time. This is especially important if you are a new company and need all of the man hours you can get.Interviews need to happen and there is no way to cut them out of the hiring process if you want a quality candidate. While everyone can look good on paper, the interview process makes sure that the candidate is socially capable to handle the standort. Thats the point of interview questions, and asking the right ones can streamline the hiring process and get you the information you need. Below are a few questions you should ask all incoming candidates during their interviewsWhat was a problem you faced with (insert previous work experience here) and how did you overcome it?What do you find are the most difficult decisions to make?What are your pet peeves?What will you do if you dont get this position?These questions require a different kind of thinking than the standard do you work well with others? type questions and tend to reveal more about who they are. If they give you cookie-cutter answers and thats not what youre looking for then give them the axe. If they give you an original answer they are probable to answer honestly and as themselves, and if you dont like that then give them the axe, too. See, its fun to streamline.Another way to streamline the hiring process is through video interviews. While you may prefer to use a good old fashioned handshake to judge someones character, if you are looking to save time (Im looking at you, start-ups) then you may want to consider video interviews. They are easy to conduct and can be done from th e office or from home. If your office is under construction the video interview can keep candidates from having to see it you are trying to sell your organization as well, after all. Video interviews are a relatively new technology, but in a few years I suspect almost all initial begehung will be done through them.While video interviews are good for weeding out a large quantity of applicants, they arent meant to replace the final phase of interviews. In the final phase it is vital to meet the candidate in-person, so make sure you dont skip this step.What do you think of these tips for streamlining your interviewing process? Tell us in the comments.

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Get a Dream Job With Our Operations Manager Resume Template for Word

Get a Dream Job With Our Operations Manager Resume Template for WordGet a Dream Job With Our Operations Manager Resume Template for WordIntroductionYour resume is an invaluable opportunity to market your skills and experience in a way that will propel you right past your competition and into an interview. The content, quality, and organization of this critical document contain details that recruiters will use to decide whether or leid to select you for an interview.An effective way to learn how to write an eyePassionate operations manager with 10 years of experience guiding companies in achieving operational directives. Skilled leader with the proven ability to motivate colleagues to accomplish outlined objectives. Committed to maximizing competitive strengths by providing superior products and services to loyal customers.Perfect Your Skills SectionYour skills section is your chance to share the strengths and competencies that make you a competitive applicant. Your focus should be on skills that are relevant to the job as shown in the operations manager resume vorlage for Word.Use the job description to find the types of skills to include. Intersperse key words throughout your skills, and be sure they appear just as you read them so they make it through applicant tracking systems. For example, if a job requests someone who is a critical thinker, dont say, Able to think critically. It is also important to list the most important skills you have at the top. Periods should not be used at the end of your bullets. Here is a list of skills you may choose to includeFamiliarity with budgeting and resource allocationOral and written communication skillsEffective leadership and ability to develop interpersonal relationshipsPolish Your Work History SectionThe work history section of your resume allows you the chance to share some of your most notable professional accomplishments and qualifications. Recruiters can begin to envision how you could contribute to their team wh en they read about your past career history.As illustrated in the operations manager resume template for Word, quantifying portions of your work experience section is a highly effective way of showing the impact you made. Instead of saying, Managed a team, you can provide depth by saying, Managed a team of 15 customer service associates each shift. Additionally, use present tense when talking about your current employment and past tense when discussing the remainder of the jobs you have had. Create compelling statements by beginning each with a strong action verb such as strategized, developed, managed, and collaborated.Here are a couple more examples of how to write your work history section Operations Manager Ervine Corporation, Littleton, CO October 2014 PresentOversee the daily tasks and operational directives of four different departmentsAnalyze and utilize research, statistics, benchmarks, and forecasts to create longBachelor in Business Management 2016University of Colora do, Boulder, ColoradoStudent Body President

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Best Job Search Sites for Entry-Level Positions

Best Job Search Sites for Entry-Level PositionsBest Job Search Sites for Entry-Level PositionsHave you justgraduated fromcollege orare you a recent alumnus with a few years of experience under your belt but looking to enter a new field? If so, there are a variety of job sites that focus on entry-level job openings for college students and graduates. Make sure that you tap the resources of theCareer Servicesoffice at your college if you are attending college or have graduated.College career offices have their own systems for posting jobs targeted towards their students and alumni. These listings include opportunities from alumni, parents, and recruiters with a special interest in hiring graduates from your school.Contact the Career office to obtain any passwords that you might need and to learn about other resources that can help you with your job search. Top Entry Level Job Sites AfterCollege.comAfterCollege.comfeatures a wealth of information about companies seeking recent colle ge graduates, as well as internship listings that may appeal to recent graduates who havent yet decided on a permanent career route. This site also has registration for both employers and schools, meaning that you can register as a school-affiliated user and build a profile that gives employers more information about you than whats typically contained in your resume. Users can search for jobs or internships by keyword, job category like accounting or consulting, and location.Job seekers can also generate lists of jobs based on their college major and expand their awareness of positions that might be related by using the Explore function. CollegeGrad.comCollegeGrad.comis an excellent site for students or alumni who arent certain about their career focus.The site features helpful browsing functions for users by experience level, job title, location, industry, and employer.Information about common career fields for college graduates is furnished to help users assess options. The site f eatures a handy list of the top entry-level employers for the current year based on the number of openings and includes direct links to the jobs component of those employer sites. Useful articles and tips about interviewing, job search, and resume development are provided along with a salary calculator for entry-level jobs in various locations. CollegeRecruiter.comCollegeRecruiter.comlinks college students/graduates with employers looking to hire for entry-level jobs. Users can search for top/popular jobs by location, major and growing industries. The site features a free professional resume critique for registered users. CoolWorks.comCool Works is an ideal job motherboard for students/graduates looking for short-term/seasonal opportunities with a primary focus on outdoor and hospitality/tourism settings. Users can search categories of jobs/internships like conservation, environment, education, administrative, farm, fish, horses, outdoor adventures, retail, water/beaches, and more. The search by season is a popular way to filter opportunities by the time of year job seekers are available. Experience.comExperience offers articles and advice about resume, interviewing, job search and networking that is geared towards college students. The site enables users to identify the articles that are most popular with other job seekers using the site. Idealist.OrgIdealist is the site for you if you are looking for opportunities in the public interest or not for profit sectors. You can research organizations by their focus on issues like education, housing, the environment, arts and much more. Users can identify entry-level opportunities by using the professional level filter for entry-level positions. LinkedInLinkedIn is arguably the most powerful job search tool for candidates entering the job market because of its combined value as a networking and job listing resource. Students and graduates can tap the system to find entry-level jobs by entering a job title or career field like accounting into the main search windows for jobs. Then click on the entry-level jobs filter under the Experience Level tab from the results page. Make sure that you check to see if you have any contacts on LinkedIn who might call attention to your application before applying. LinkedIn also has a useful salary tool to identify average salaries for your target field and location. Most colleges have a group site on LinkedIn which can help students and recent alumni to identify seasoned professionals from their school who can help them with their job search. USA JobsUSA Jobs is the best site for finding opportunities with the federal government.The federal government has instituted the Pathways Program to help college students and graduates to access entry-level jobs and internships with the government. Users can identify common federal occupations by major and search for currently available entry-level jobs or internships. MediaBistroMediaBistro is a great site for finding jobs in marketing/communications, creative/design production, operations, strategy, sales, and business development. Users can isolate entry-level positions by clicking on the Level tab from the results page and selecting entry-level. Use Job Search Engines and millionenfach Job Sites Job search engine and mega sites,, post jobs directly from employers and/or scan the internet and other job sites to aggregate listings. By using the keywords entry level (or entry-level), users can generate lists of opportunities suitable for students or graduates. These sites also provide articles with helpful information on job search, resume development and effective interviewing. Tap Niche Job Sites Niche sites like for technology opportunities provide listings in specific professional or industry sectors. Look for tabs/filters that enable job seekers to retrieve entry-level IT jobs or internships or search by keywords like an assistant, tra inee, or entry level to identify other opportunities for beginners in the field.

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Learn About Being an Animal Behaviorist

Learn About Being an Animal BehavioristLearn About Being an Animal BehavioristAnimal behaviorists, also called ethologists, can work in a wide variety of fields such as animal training, academic research, teaching, publishing, and advertising. Duties Animal behaviorists apply principles of animal behavior science while studying how animals interact with each other and their environments. They may research an animals methods of communication, instinctual responses, learning methods, psychology, and group interaction skills. An applied animal behaviorist compiles a case study to determine how an animals problematic behavior developed. Their goal is to investigate whether the behavior is a normal one being exhibited at inappropriate times or if it is the result of a prior negative experience. To resolve the problem, the behaviorist may suggest various forms of treatment including conditioning, behavior modification, and training. Animal behaviorists in academia may give lectures to students, supervise lab activities, and conduct and publish their own research projects. They may also collaborate with other researchers and travel to observe animals in the wild if relevant to their studies. Career Options Many animal behaviorists work in the area of applied animal behavior, primarily training domestic animals and assisting with the modification of behavioral problems. Applied animal behaviorists may work with companion animals, livestock, laboratory animals, and wildlife. Many animal behaviorists who work in the companion animal training fields are self-employed. Animal behaviorists with a doctorate may work at colleges or universities as professors and researchers. Additional research opportunities that do not necessarily require a Ph.D. can be found with private health companies, laboratories, the federal government, zoos, aquariums, and museums. Other career paths for animal behaviorists include media related options such as working in broadcasting, film, writing, and advertising. Education and Training Animal behaviorists generally have a background in biology, psychology, zoology, or animal science. Usually, animal behaviorists pursue an undergraduate degree in one of these areas before seeking an advanced degree in biology or psychology with a concentration in animal behavior. Advanced coursework at the graduate level tends to include learning theory, comparative and experimental psychology, and physiology. The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) offers board specialty certification to veterinarians through its American College of Veterinary Behaviorists (ACVB). Certification involves a two-year residency program under the supervision of a board-certified veterinary behaviorist and a comprehensive board exam. The Animal Behavior Society (ABS) offers certification as a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist (CAAB) to members who have completed an advanced degree (Masters or Ph.D.) in the behavioral sciences and can doc ument at least five years of practical experience in the field. Dog trainers also work as animal behaviorists, and while they may not necessarily have advanced degrees, they do tend to have a strong background in canine learning and conditioning techniques. Many are certified through the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) or other national groups. Salary The salary an animal behaviorist earns can vary based on factors such as thetype of employment, job location, years of experience, and level of education. According to, the national average salary (as of January 22, 2019) for an animal behaviorist is $69,751, though the salary varies by location, as professional jobs in large cities with high living costs tend to pay more. Job Outlook While the Bureau of LaborStatistics (BLS) does not separate out data specifically for animal behaviorists, the outlook for career growth in related fields is expected to be fairly solid. Animal care and tafelgeschirr positio ns are expected to grow at a rate of about 22 percent over the decade from 2016 to 2026, while agricultural and animal science positions will grow at a rate of about 7 percent over the same period, on par with the average profession. The publics growing interest in animal behavior, specifically as it relates to their own pets, may also push this specific niche career path to grow at an even higher rate.

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2019 Best Hobbies & Interests to Put on a Resume [+Examples]

2019 Best Hobbies & Interests to Put on a Resume +Examples2019 Best Hobbies & Interests to Put on a Resume Top Hobbies Interests to Include on a ResumeA while back, we reminded you how important hobbies are for your professional development. We highlighted the advantages of being a wells for Hobbies and Interests for ResumeEndurance sports Blog writing Have managed a personal cooking blog for three years, producing on average two posts per peek.Source giphy.comTravelling - Shows curiosity and an understanding of different culturesIdeal for roles involving travel or engaging with international stakeholders.Example Travelling Recently visited South Africa to attend an international conference on human aid.Source giphy.comReading (include subject matter) - Demonstrates focus and background knowledge in a specific fieldGood for jobs in Depends on the relatedness of reading the subject matter.Example Business and financial literature Have read several books exploring the causes of th e 2008 financial crisis.Source giphy.comThese are just a few of the possibilities for resume interests/hobbies and how to use them. On the flip side, there are some hobbies that you should avoid listing under certain circumstances.Examples of when to avoid listing hobbies on your resumeExtreme skiing Demonstrates risk-taking, which is undesirable in fields like accounting, teaching and health care.Stamp collecting Can be perceived as outdated and solitary, which is unattractive to more creative industries.Watching TV series Only relevant to positions in film or media.How to expand on the skills section of a resume with interests/hobbiesAs you write your resume, you may feel like you lack proof of certain skills. Or maybe you want to reinforce an element included in your resume skills section because you know it is essential to the role. This is where hobbies come in handy.Keeping with the logic of ensuring your resume hobbies are used strategically, try to think of ways in which you can prove certain skills through your hobbies.A computer programmer who has only ever worked as a freelancer and wants to prove teamwork skills would then want to highlight his/her participation in a local team or club.And even an experienced journalist with plenty of published work may want to include reference to his/her own personal blog when applying for a different writing job.What to call the interests and hobbies section of your resumeSo far weve talked about hobbies and interests as being combined in one specific section of your resume. But what to call it? The easy answer is to call this section Interests, but you can also opt for other labels, such as Extracurricular or Personal Activities. You may also choose to use Hobbies, but our view is that this word can lead employers to think that the content only has personal rather than professional relevance.The other thing to consider is what is listed under your interests/hobbies section and whether it overlaps with other pot ential sections. For example, our resume builder allows you include a variety of section headings for Organizations, Awards, Volunteer, Personal Projects, and Interests.

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The Argument About Resume Margins

The Argument About Resume Margins The War Against Resume Margins Margins should not ever be less than one-half inch to prauffhrung a cluttered appearance. Though margins would continue to be acceptable when varied by tenths of a point, it may be problematic for an amateur resume writer to really understand whats acceptable in the business, thus its advisable for them to adhere to the standard. 1 inch margins also help to make your resume look organized and simple to read. For instance, setting one-inch margins provides a structure so that you will know the length of time your resume is when formatting is put on. One of the very first aspects to think about when analyzing the form of your resume is the proportion of the page margins. Like margins, the ideal length is a contested subject within the market, but there are a few general rules you may follow to decide what the ideal length for your resume is. Theres a completely very good extraction you have to walk to be able to f abricate the very best feasible resume. Its just as important to make your resume easy to read, and one of the greatest approaches to achieve this is using the ideal margins. The New Fuss About Resume Margins The majority of the time its observed in the skills portion thats a waste of space. There are a lot of things you are able to do to tally on the total appearance of your resume. Its possible to also lessen the very best margin to place your letterhead in a more typical position above your resumes primary body. Give recruiters the present of simplicity, and youll be given the present of a work offer. Most Noticeable Resume Margins As resume aesthetics plays an excellent part in work hunt, you are in need of a professional resume template. Youre asking for a work not a beauty pageant. A basic resume may be the suitable format and tool for you once you want to transition into work from freelancing or self-employment. A basic resume template is the most fundamental version or sort of a resume template which could be utilized to create resumes for any work position. Thus the information which you provide needs to be pertinent to the aims of the job title youre applying for. Introducing Resume Margins The CV delivers an unlimited quantity of space, so in the event that you have certain courses, projects, or papers you want to highlight, go ahead and do so. Chronological resumes are the ideal place to highlight your accomplishments. Aligning a resumes is a somewhat straightforward procedure, as its usually left-aligned and is how most folks would read text. Bear in mind, your resume or CV should emphasize your individual strengths. COMBINATION RESUMES are excellent for folks that are seeking to earn a career change and continue from 1 industry to another. While the majority of the information on your resume should begin with a left-margin, its proper to begin some information with a right-margin to created a balanced appearance. Something as trivial as resume margins might look like a tedious and nagging issue to need to consider when youre attempting to locate a job, but the aesthetic look of your resume is nearly as important its contents. This way your resume will appear professional and will be suitably laid out on the webpage. Basic resumes typically have an extremely classic and standard tone. The Pain of Resume Margins CVs provide a nearly limitless supply of potential sections. The majority of the time recruiters wish to spot a PDF resume. It is crucial to go through company specific Resume. Visiting our site, you will find a lot of examples of resumes 2019. Things You Should Know About Resume Margins The duration of your resume is a critical formatting factor that will earn a huge effect on the general aesthetic of the document. Besides your name, which ought to be a touch bigger, the font size throughout your resume should be the exact same size to guarantee readability. Experimenting with differen t dimensions and styles can make sure you select the most efficient font for your purposes. Justified text appears ugly if you dont use some sophisticated desktop publishing program. Remember your document must have the correct formatting. You should adhere to the identical format throughout your resume. You should make certain to settle on a format thats easiest for you.

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Free Resume Generator Help!

Free Resume Generator Help You may find plenty of great resume templates, but youre going to have to decide if theyre likely to help or hurt your odds of landing an interview. The very first thing you ought to be aware of is that much enjoy a resume, a cover letter ought to be brief, easy, and simple to read. A terrific cover letter is going to assist you get your foot in the door and deliver you the very best chance at obtaining a wonderful position with any top business. The most suitable cover letter will enhance your odds of getting noticed at a prestigious firm. Key Pieces of Free Resume Generator On each doorstep, you are going to discover expert one-on-one counseling assistance or available classes, at no cost. Volunteer experience is also a great add-on to healthcare resumes as it shows the hiring manager you have compassion off the work too. Presenting your information visually will help you distinguish yourself from the crowd. Youre able to easily depend on us t o find essay help as we have a tendency to assist and guide the students with the assistance of our professional experts. If you have to present your resume to prospective employers and you will need a great-looking resume but dont have enough time to design your own, there are many quality templates out there. Writing a resume can be an intimidating task because you should make certain to include all the crucial information whilst keeping the document to a manageable size. The work search may be a lengthy process just consider the statistics below You may have to have many versions of your resume specific to every kind of job, internship, or educational program that youre pursuing. The site will inform you exactly how many views your resume has. Following that, the generator finds the info. A summary generator is quite a good tool to get available alongside cliche finder. Complex Sentence Generator is extremely easy to use. Before you commence writing your resume 2017, you should make certain that all the resume section youd like to include are formatted proper way and will be simple to read by a hiring manager. If it comes to resumes, Rick states that you must do something to be noticed. As a work seeker the totally free job descriptions offer you valuable details about what an employer is searching for in a successful job candidate. The writers attempt to ensure it is flawless through multiple checking. If youre eager to spend money in your job search, an expert letter template could possibly be available for a fair fee from a writing or printing company. As youve already understood writing an outstanding resume isnt an effortless job which you can do. The Pain of Free Resume Generator Its possible for you to import the simple information from social media such as Google, Facebook or Twitter. Editing and analytics are unavailable for them. 1 Resume is a totally free one page web template that includes a smooth jQuery slide between sectio ns of the webpage. To begin, you have the choice to import your Word or LinkedIn resume. Our totally free cover letter examples will provide you with a wonderful abflug. Keep it simple so that your cover letter will be simple to read and understand. Review our examples and make use of what you learn how to develop job-specific cover letters for each one of your applications. You may use a cover letter for absolutely any federal or private industry application that it is possible to mail or fax. To start with, whenever the recruiters go through your resume, they receive a very first impression of your profile. Employers understand that youre young and looking to enhance your experience, so give them as much as you can that shows youre be an important employee. After all, they need to be able to read your infographic to know what youre all about. An excellent CV will use language thats positive and confident. Bad Phrases There are lots of phrases that are advisable not to u tilize in a CV. Check for grammar and spelling errors and make sure that youve included all of the correct contact information at the summit of your letter. The very first key is to realize how resumes are organized.